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Sep. 11th, 2006

SO fucking sick. Maybe even sicker than last time. Zofran isn't helping at all. Have a massive case of severe pink eye in both eyes. Want to die, liek woah.

Sep. 6th, 2006

Morning (noon and night) sickness hit me like a Mack truck this morning. I hope to God it doesn't happen like it did last time. There is absolutely NO way in hell I can take care of a baby and myself in that condition. I could barely even make it to the bathroom to puke last year. So far *knock on wood* it just feels like a bad hangover sickness, but I know it can potentially be a hundred times worse. Please, please, please don't let that happen again. Sawyer needs me alert and functioning, and I don't think I can survive that again. All I remember is laying out on the hide-a-bed couch in the living room (couldn't sleep in the bed with Mitch because when he moved around I'd get sicker) crying for 8 weeks straight and begging Mitch to please kill me because I didn't want to live that way. I'm freaking out. It can't happen that way. This is SO not what I was hoping for.

Shameless...couldn't NOT do it

Sign up through here, and you will get a coupon for a free bag of the new Nestle Chocolatier chocolate:


I just thought it was too good not to pass on to other chocolate lovers :)

Jul. 27th, 2006

sometimes everything and everyone just feel so far away.
101 degrees in the middle of May. I SO can't wait until the end of July O_O

Fuck summer.

[edit: P.S. Fuck swimsuits as well]

Brain Power Rocks

If you're looking for something to do, this has kept me entertained (and frustrated) for an hour and three minutes now: http://intelligence-test.net/part1/

There's no time limit, so I don't feel badly that it took me that long to get 30/33. Whatever. I got the 19 required to be a "genius" in about ten minutes. Anyway, I'm still working on #12, #30 (although I'm pretty sure I know what #30 is referring to) and #31. Grrrrrr. I've been stuck on those last three for like the last twenty minutes now to no avail. I refuse to give up at this point.

[edit - 4 minutes later and I got #12. Boo yah. Heh.]
...and the busy weekend from hell begins...I know I won't be able to be here until Monday night, so hopefully everyone else will have a decent weekend. ♥
Yeah, so I know I posted this last year, and I'll probably post it next year too. I still find it amusing.